Matjaž Debeljak, born 1961, is a piccoloist and flautist in the orchestra of the Slovene National Theatre Opera and Ballet in Ljubljana, as well as a teacher at the Secondary School in Celje. He graduated in 1994 from the Academy of Music in Ljubljana under the mentorship of Professor Fedja Rupel. In 2010 he post graduated ( piccolo ) with the same professor. Debeljak played in the Slovene Police Orchestra for thirteen years, and was a member of the FOReM flute quartet. He occasionally works with other orchestras and is often in demand as a piccoloist (by, for example, the RTV Slovenia Symphoy Orchestra, the Symphonic Orchestra of the Slovene Philharmonic, the Academia Ars Musicae orchestra and others). Debeljak has played with conductors such as Carlos Kleiber, Rudolf Baršaj, Serge Baudo, Stefan Sanderling, Dieter Rossberg. He has appeared as a piccolo soloist at international festivals : in Zagorje ( SLOVENIA) 1996, 2004, 2006 ,2010... in Belgrade ( SERBIA ) 2004, 2009, 2011... BFS Manchester ( UK ) 2008, 2012... in London ( UK ) Flutewise Live 2009... NFA - NC ( USA ) 2011... European Piccolo Festival, Jezersko ( SLOVENIA ) 2011, 2013...Piccolo Intensive - IOWA ( USA ) 2012....San Jose ( Costa Rica ) 2013.... and a lot of concerts and recitals in Slovenia ( Ljubljana, Ajdovscina, Skofja Loka, Zagorje, Koper, Trzic, Jezersko.....) and in Split ( Croatia ), Belgrade, Nis ( Serbia ), Riez ( France ),Grado, Roccasecca and Colle San Magno ( Italy ).In July 2009 Sir James Galway invited him to play piccolo recital in Weggis ( CH ). He cooperate with piccolists artists like: Nicola Mazzanti, Lior Eitan, Jean-Louis Beaumadier, Nicole Esposito, Christine Beard, Zart Dombourian - Eby, Gabriel Goni, Horacio Massone, Milica Milojevic- Bogdanovic, Trond Brekka and others. He is leading masterclasses for piccolo.

In 2000 he recorded and published his first CD, together with the pianist Vlasta Doležal Rus, entitled Grafiti (Graffiti). He also records for Radio Slovenia. Slovene composers have written twenty compositions for piccolo and dedicated them to him: from pieces for piccolo solo, to works for piccolo and piano, for two piccolos, for piccolo bassoon and piano, for piccolo and Harp, for piccolo and alto flute,for piccolo and viola,two piccolos and piano, for piccolo flute alto flute and piano, as well as for three piccolos and piano. In May 2006 he release his new CD titled Prebliski (Ideas).

The italian composer Dan di Maggio composed three compositions for piccolo and dedicated to them to him.

Matjaz Debeljak is artist director of European Piccolo Festival, Jezersko, Slovenia.


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